Five Tool Texas SHSU
Five Tool Texas SHSU 06/10/2021 - 06/13/2021 Huntsville/Tomball, TX
  • 15U
  • 16U
  • 18U
  • OPEN
X Teams Registered

One of the biggest events each year, Five Tool Texas SHSU returns with the all-turf D1 school as the featured field. Premier Baseball of Texas in Tomball also helps play host. The summer truly isn't in "full swing" until this event begins. This event has a 4-game guarantee and is for 15U-18U. Full social media coverage provided with over 2000 scouts and colleges following Five Tool channels online.

  • 15U OPEN  - $1,325.00
  • 16U OPEN  - $1,325.00
  • 18U OPEN  - $1,325.00
115 Teams Registered
  • - 4 Game Guarantee
  • - Metal Bats
General Information
  • HOME/AWAY : Coin Flip
  • GATE FEE : $5/day
  • COOLERS : No Coolers at Premier Baseball of Texas or The Ballparks in Crosby
  • GAME TIME LIMITS : 2 Hours - Finish the inning
  • NOTES : · Five Tool will provide 3 baseballs per game. · Teams may bat up to 10 players as both EH & DH are allowed. · Pitch Counts and Innings Pitched are at the coaches discretion. We will not be enforcing any pitching limitations. Please be responsible. · Each Venue will have a site director that can assist you with any questions. · Full Social Media coverage will be provided at every game! · All pool play and consolation games may end in a tie. • Bracket games will go to bases loaded, one out for the inning after time expires or the 8th inning. · Run rules are at 10 after 5, and 8 after 6. • Catchers MUST wear hockey style masks. No skull caps. · NFHS rules in place otherwise. Tie-Breakers: 1. Head to head 2. Runs allowed 3. Runs differential (max at 8 per game) 4. Runs scored 5. Coin toss