Five Tool Summer Collegiate League (South Texas)
Five Tool Summer Collegiate League (South Texas) 06/15/2020 - 07/31/2020 Austin/San Antonio, TX
  • College
  • OPEN
X Teams Registered
COST: $5750.00 - $5750.00

Absolutely no SPIKES, SEEDS or GUM allowed on the turf. Please inform your players.


There are no exceptions to these rules. Players must wear turf shoes or molded cleats at Missions


Rail Roader is not allowing fans in week 1 and 2 due to COVID. Players, Coaches, Umpires & Five Tool staff only.


Collegiate League Rules:


Wood Bat only League

Game times are 2:15 for 7 inning games and 2:45 for 9 inning games finish the inning.

Games can end in ties.

Teams are allowed to have EH and DH this season and move players in and out of positions


Catchers are not allowed courtesy runners. Catchers will run for themselves

There are no run rules in place.  If a team is ahead by 10 or more runs as time expires, then the time limit is drop dead.

NCAA rules in place otherwise 

Five Tool will provide 5 baseballs per game.

Umpires will keep remaining balls for future throw-ins

All players must complete the waiver before they can play.


Standings will be maintained and posted on the Five Tool web site

Statistics will be captured through Game Changer and posted on the Five Tool Web Site.


SA/Austin Contact: Aaron Cable 979-942-0064


5 Teams Registered
  • - Wood Bats